The animals and people which appear in her work let the viewer freely  imagine the story to come and its background.

Spots that seem like stains at first glance which are in some way  imperfect and impaired are exquisitely controlled by the artist, and  the notion of “command” and “looseness” coexist.

Hanamaro’s symbolisms of motifs used in angles that are different to  existing images by spotlighting the beauty of imperfect things are  her completely personal interpretations, but create communication  between the work and the viewer without it being completed in the  work itself.
That is where we can see the delicate inner aspect of the artist.

The expertly painted lines in distinctly simple expression firmly  represent what the artist is feeling. Because of that, the space left  in her work is “still”, expressing the painted “activity” laconically.

In this exhibition, works that depict stories in line art  accidentally inspired by a technique of dropping and dripping paint  will be shown. Just as the title “unframed” shows, Hanamaro’s work  does not just exist on the canvas but broadens out into the world of  the viewer’s imagination. We hope you will enjoy experiencing  Hanamaro’s world which emanates from her work.

Text by Marika Ohno Director of Gallery Simon

本展ではドロップペインティングにより、偶然の形からインスピレーションを得て、 線画で物語を描き込んだ作品を展示いたします。「unframed」というタイトルが示すように、 その作品はキャンバスの中でしか存在しないのではなく、 その外へ、そして観る人の想像の世界へと広がっていきます。 作品から広がるハナマロの世界をぜひ体感していただければ幸いです。
尚、会期中 に作家本人も来日予定です。

ギャラリー四門 代表 大野麻里香